Yacht Cruising. “We tried many other Marine weather forecast apps and grib files viewers, but none of them could offer the performance we expected. Two to three minutes into working with NaviWeather, we had created our own screen layouts and enjoy…. Also, as their wrote in marketing materials, zooming and panning is really stunning here!”

Ted and Jasmin Powell, Miami, Florida

“Your software gets better by the day. NaviWeather is so fantastic and so very user friendly. I can easily say that out of all the grib file viewer that I have tested over the years, yours is by far the easiest to learn.”
Jeremy Hudson, Vancouver, British Columbia

“I love NaviWeather. I use it evey day, not only for my voyage planning (Bavaria 47) – which is very great here, but also for checking weather forecast for my town. However, be aware that if you try it, your life will never be the same again.”
Nils Freier, Hamburg, Germany