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  1. GRIB files
  2. Satellite images
  3. AIS message #8

GIRB files. GRIB (GRIdded Binary) is a data format commonly used in meteorogical weather forecasts that was standardized by World Meteorological Organization. As for today there are two versions of GRIB data formats (grib files): grib1 and grib2. Grib1 is an older data format that is still commonly used by different forecast centers. However, a newer generation, known as GRIB second edition (grib2), is slowly but steadily supersiding his older brother. The major advantage of grib2 over grib1 is that grib2 is much smaller in size but contains exactly the same data span as grib1. Therefore process of downloading grib2 files is much shorter. NaviWeather - the next-generation grib file viewer - currently supports second generation of GRIB files (grib2).

Weather Satellite Imaginery. Satellite images are commonly used as tools for predicting weather forecasts. There are two major types of satellites providing images: geostationary and polar orbiting. One of the richest source of satellite images is MODIS Rapid Response System by NASA (

AIS message 8. The AIS message contents are defined by ITU and IEC standards. Among others, there are AIS transponders that broadcast AIS message 8, which contains meteorological data. NaviWeather can process and decode AIS message 8.