Currently NaviWeather is offered in two editions: NaviWeather Lite (NWL) and NaviWeather Pro (NWP). The Lite version is a completely FREE edition with no up-front fee nor any subscription fees. And it will stay that forever!

The Pro version, which is provided to you for a one-time up-front fee, is a complete weather app for your PC or Mac*. It allows you not only to preview girb files with ease but also to create additional perspectives, connect GPS and AIS and edit gradient colors for advanced weather analysis to name just few of its cutting-edge features.

There is also a third version of our software: NaviWeather Pro Trial. It is a full NaviWehater Pro version that can be used for 30 days. After 30 days it will be automatically downgraded to Lite version unless you buy a Pro license.
*Mac version of NaviWeather is due to be released in July 2011.

Feature Trial 30-days Lite Pro
Real Time Zero Technology yes yes yes
Wind speed yes yes yes
Wind direction yes yes yes
Temperature yes yes yes
Pressure yes yes yes
Clouds yes yes yes
Precipation yes yes yes
7-day weather forecast yes yes yes
High res data yes yes yes
Weather graphs yes yes yes
Gradient editor yes no yes
GUI color editor yes yes yes
Time Shift yes yes yes
Customizable perspectives yes yes yes
Additional perspectives yes yes yes
Customizable units yes yes yes
Multi basemap yes yes yes
Multi grib yes yes yes
Inteligent grib downloader yes yes yes
Grib browser yes yes yes
GPS support yes no yes
AIS m#8 support yes no yes
Autoupdate yes yes yes
Premium support yes yes yes

NOTE: In order to buy NaviWeather please download and install NaviWeather Trial. Once installed, open NaviWeather, click the Right Mouse Button and choose 'About' from the context menu. Next click the 'Buy online' button and follow on-screen instructions.