Yacht Cruising

NaviWeather is a tool that helps you in planning your next sailing voyage. By displaying up-to-date and accurate weather forecast (and wave forecast) in rich graphical format NaviWeather helps you to plan your next journey efficiently and safely. With lots of powerful and useful capabilities, for example, advanced gradient editor, it is a grib file viewer that enables you to display only safety weather areas and/or highlight any hazardous weather conditions. NaviWeather will also be your best wind and wave forecast provider for yacht racing purposes. Usually, yacht racing takes place near to shore where accurate wind and wave forecast is of the utmost importance. With NaviWeather you will considerably increase your chances of winning the next race!
reliability Superior Accuracy
NaviWeather utilizes weather data of enhanced accuracy obtained from GFS model (for wind, temperature, pressure, clouds, rainfall) and WW3 model for wave forecast. The raw weather data is further processed by our proprietary algorithms.
Unprecedented flexibility
You are always in command – choose not only what weather information would you like to see but also in what manner should it be displayed.
powerful performance
Panning and Zooming Technology
The Real Time Zero technology is the real break-through in the industry. You haven’t experienced anything like this ever before.
GPS and AIS support
Connect you GPS and AIS to NaviWeather and get detailed weather information for you position and receive AIS #8 weather messages.
Advanced Gradient Editor
Experiment with different set of colors and save them for further use.