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An accurate, reliable and up-to-date weather forecast is essential for safe navigation—whether you’re a sailor, windsurfer, or professional mariner. NaviWeather offers a simple-to-use, complete, and fully customizable marine weather forecast and analysis tool at an affordable price. Smart, fast, flexible—NaviWeather can be downloaded, configured, and up and running in mere minutes, placing advanced marine weather forecast information (in grib format) right at your fingertips. No need to spend days learning how to use complicated, cumbersome and over-priced marine weather software. NaviWeather’s effortless set-up, intuitive layouts, grib files support and straightforward menus allow you to begin voyage planning and safe navigation right away. It’s ready to go when you are. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself. It’s free!

Advantages of NaviWeather:

powerful performance
Safety. Your safety (and the safety of your crew) is and always should be a top priority. You just can’t enjoy your cruise unless you feel as safe as possible. One of the major factors that influences your safety at sea is the availability of up-to-date and reliable weather forecast, so you could adjust your route and yacht to the upcoming weather conditions. Every voyage should begin with a weather forecast analysis and consideration. And here is when a trusty weather app plays its role. NaviWeather provides you will all the necessary means and weather data for safe voyage planning. When we were developing NaviWeather your safety at sea was always our top priority.
Simplicity. NaviWeather simplifies your access to reliable weather data. Graphically rich weather information is presented in an easy-to-understand way which, together with an intuitive and flexible user-interface, offers the best combination available in a grib file viewer.
powerful performance
Powerful performance. NaviWeather is the most powerful marine weather forecast tool in the industry. With lots of options and capabilities, including fully customizable layouts, Real Time Zero Technology, multi- grib file support, weather under the cursor, GPS and AIS support, NaviWeather delivers complete and accurate marine weather information. Having NaviWeather at your command you can visualize weather data in the most meaningful way and know exactly where to expect areas of slow, moderate and high wind speed.
Reliability and efficiency. Using the most accurate weather-forecast models available, NaviWeather provides powerful professional-quality marine weather information for worldwide locations. In addition, implemented high-end Real Time Zero technology offers stunning, flexible and dynamic weather visualization in an instant.
Value. You do not have to pay monthly subscription fees to get access to up-to-date and accurate marine weather data delivered in grib format. With NaviWeather you can get more for much less.
Communications. Keep your data transfer cost under control. Select your desired and fully-customizable grib coverage area, choose data resolution and tick only the weather data that you need to keep your airtime charges under control. NavSim is also Inmarsat Bronze Service Provider and it offers bundle solutions (NaviWeather + satcomm hardware + airtime).
A new era in weather forecasting has just begun. NaviWeather by